Sunday, June 19, 2011


Here it is! My labor of love for my dear friend Renata. As promised earlier this year, the sewing machine and I made her something special. To be precise we made her a skirt of Simplicity's 1950's pattern nr. 4648 (I have also used the same pattern for this skirt). I wanted this skirt to be colorful,  summery and plain out wonderful.

Instead of rushing and not really minding what the seams look like on the inside, I used bias tape on every. single. seam. I don't have an overlocker and I don't think I would be ready for it just yet. I still tell myself that zigzagging the edges makes the garments feel hand made in that lovely old fashioned way. It's close to the truth but who wouldn't want their clothes to look spot on with straight cut, perfectly even edges? I'm just not ready for the commitment that an overlocker would require. Besides I absolutely love how pretty the bias taped seams are on this skirt!

All in all making this skirt was really enjoyable. The only tricky part was ensuring that the stripes match in the seams but as I used the selvadge as the hem of the skirt it wasn't too tricky. This time I left the skirt as long as the pattern suggests. The last time I used this pattern I felt it was a bit too long but the length is growing on me. And need I remind myself that it's not for me, as much as I love it! Renata is taller than I am so I think the length will be just fine. The original plan was to add some swirly figures with the pink on top of the fabric trim but I decided against it in the end. Instead I used it as a hem decoration and I think it works great as a little kick of color (this skirt would have been way too plain without it, right!?).

I hope you like the skirt as much as I do and Renata - I especially hope you do! Airmail to follow...

I'm gonna go ahead and call this wind breeze situation an 'almost but not quite'


  1. Very pretty, I think the little bit of pink on the hem totally makes the skirt! The denim version you made is also lovely. I might have to try and find this pattern. Great job!

  2. this skirt is sooooooooooo veeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy faaaaaaaaaaaaaab.

    how are you giving it away? just gorgeous.

  3. I agree with oonaballoona! So great!!

  4. Bravo! This skirt is adorably brilliant. I love the shape and color. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. This skirt is fantastic! Love the rickrack trim. I'm making a dress for a friend, and have been dealing with the seam finishing lately. I finished most everything with French seams, but like this idea of using bias tape. Wonderful job! (And I think this length looks really chic on you!)

  6. thank you so much! I'm thinking about making my own bias tape for my next project, so much cheaper and it will definitely match!


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