Friday, January 6, 2012


I definitely deserve the award for the most belated Christmas recap! But here it is. The holidays were so lovely and as close to perfect as you can get if you bear in mind that there was no snow until after new year. I spent time with good friends, drank mulled wine out of moomin mugs and shopped some good old vintage. Just the way I like it. The holidays just seem to go by so fast. Especially around this time of year I sometimes wish I was little again. Everything was such a big experience and Christmas used to take so incredibly long until we got to the presents. If time could just wait a little, every now and then. Let's not rush.

One of the most amazing surprises!
We celebrated accomplishments and beginnings
even the coolest of boys get tired

One of my favorite decorations is this star that I bought when I was 14. It's the first thing that goes on the tree each year.
I'm still not sure if the tree was thick enough...
In my family we celebrate Christmas twice in one day. First at my grandma's house during the day and evening and then at my mom's house at night with some dear and somewhat whimsical friends. As we're such a small family it makes it more festive.

I'm not sure how it started but at some point it became a tradition for Nina and I to make complete fools of ourselves in front of the camera on Christmas eve. Each year we seem to outshine the last one. This year was no exception! I wonder if there comes a time when we'll stop or if this just really is our natural disposition...

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